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The history of this site dates back to the autumn of 2007, when I started thinking about putting some material on the Net that I wanted to make available to everyone interested to these topics.
I then created it and published in the early months of 2008.
Initially started with only a few pages, it has now expanded with this English section.
After this premise, I hope you will enjoy it.

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Asia & the Himalayas
Society & technology
Photos, translation...
  • Personal Photo Gallery
    Presentation of photographs divided into thematic areas: nature and animals, architecture, landscapes, other cultures and distant lands, mountains, photos and fun spirit (captions are in Italian).
  • Automatic translation of this website
    Traducir · 翻訳 · перевод · ترجمة · Traduisez · 翻译 · Übersetzen · अनुवाद · Traduzir
About me
  • Who is behind?
    A short personal biography: my training, my interests and my activities.
  • Contact me
    How to contact me: E-mail, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Netlog, LinkedIn, Wikipedia...

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